Christmas Tree Cookie Stacks

These 3D stacked cookie trees are fun and easy to make, and could be decorated in many different ways, but would also look great even without decoration! I used a gingerbread recipe for these ones, but they also work well with sugar cookies. I used cookie cutters from the Wilton Christmas Cookie Tree Kit, but you could use any series of concentric star or even snowflake or round cookie cutters. I only used about half the cookie set on these small trees, but made my trees taller by adding circular cookies between each layer of star cookie. I used a little bit of cookie icing to stick each layer together, making sure to let them dry overnight before packaging or moving them.


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Halloween Cupcakes!

Spooky treats from Halloween! The monsters are my faves…

natalieintven_halloween cupcakes_01

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Curling Cupcakes

My sister and our little helper and I made these curling cupcakes for my brother in law’s birthday. The paper cupcake wrappers we used claimed that they didn’t require muffin tins to bake, and we also used a new brand of boxed cake mix… So we tried baking them in the cups set on a flat baking sheet, and it was a bit of a cupcake fail! Lets call them Dali cupcakes, cause they look a little melted! Lesson learned: Always use muffin tins…. but the show must go on. We made curling rocks and houses out of fondant to top the cupcakes. They tasted just as good, even though they were a little crooked! 😉


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Welcome Baby Cake

A cute little cake I had made to welcome my cute little niece in to the world! It’s already time to start planning her 1st birthday cake soon! How time flies… ♥


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My First Vegan Cupcakes!

I made these delicious delights for my friend’s bridal shower, and was very excited to try baking vegan for the first time! I used a vegan chocolate cupcake recipe that I found online, and topped the cupcakes with a simple vegan chocolate mousse! This chocolate mousse is so fast and easy, and scrumptious on its own or as a cupcake topping. I found dairy-free chocolate chips at the Bulk Barn, melted them in the microwave on the defrost setting before mixing with silken tofu and a dash of vanilla, et voila! I let the mousse partially cool in the fridge (stirring often), so that it was still somewhat soft, but would stand firm once I piped it on the cored cupcakes. I also added small fondant flowers dusted with pearly purple shimmer powder (pearl dust) to add a little sparkle. These were yummy!!

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Baby Animal Cupcakes

These cuddly creature creations were made to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my cousin’s baby boy! I sketched out the animal designs on paper at actual size to make sure to accommodate for the size of the candy eyeballs. I cut out some of the fondant shapes using cookie or fondant cutters, and cut some by hand. Special thanks to my little baking apprentice for prepping the cake mix and testing the finished product! Congratulations to my cousin and her family! 😀

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Spring Cupcake Bouquet

Sweet springtime flowers to celebrate new life! This was a cupcake bouquet for my cousin’s baby shower celebration, inspired by her love for life, nature, and colour! I baked the cupcakes in paper flower petal wrappers, and decorated them with fondant flowers made using Wilton’s Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set. I wanted to have the flower cupcakes ‘growing’ out of a base of green grass. The weight of the cupcakes would be too great for the cake alone to support, so I filled a plastic cup with leftover fondant, and set it inside the cake base before I covered it with green fondant and added layers of green grass around the base. I cut BBQ skewers at different lengths for the flower stems, speared them through the cupcakes, and then stuck them into the fondant inside the green base cake to create the bouquet.

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